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Established in 1995 as a Washington State professional services corporation, Eichner & Associates, P.S. is a firm of certified public accountants who specialize in serving closely held private businesses in the Puget Sound area and the principals of those companies. Our clients come from a wide range of industries, although we have a concentration of clients involved in real estate, construction, retailing and professional services.

Nobody cares about your business the way that you do. Except us. We work closely with qualified business owners to help improve their companiesí profitability and enhance their personal quality of life. We have long realized that our continued success depends upon the success of our clients, and we work hard to provide additional value to our clients while providing them with the traditional certified public accounting services.
Additionally, our extensive professional training and general business acumen provides the select businesses that we work for with a resource for independent financial expertise that extends well beyond the mere provision of tax preparation and financial reporting services. Admittedly our approach to public accounting is somewhat unique. We don't wait to solve problems, we work to prevent them. At Eichner & Associates, P.S., not only do we ask the questions, we help provide the answers.

Eichner & Associates, P.S.
2105 112th Ave. NE, Suite 201
Bellevue, WA 98004

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